Past Life Regression

distance or in-person
120 minutes – 300$

None of us comes to this earth pure and innocent.
Each of us arrives encoded with a particular set of skill, strengths and weaknesses that together help to determine who you are today and shape who you will be tomorrow.

A past life regression can help you understand:

  • why you do what you do and how to strengthen or change your thoughts and behavior,
  • why you have certain unexplained character traits and how to use these traits to help you succeed in life,
  • why certain people or types of are in our lives and what do about that, why we seem to get stuck in particular patterns and how to either strengthen those patterns or stop them,
  • why we experience particular situations and how to use this understanding for healing and prosperity and more.

Personal Tarot reading

60 minutes - 100$

An intuitive reading Tarot card will help you to learn about yourself, your situation, your patters and your karmic energy so that you can understand what is happening to you, decide what you truly want and alter your life path accordingly

During an intuitive reading session I connect with Spirit Guides and examine your Aura and Chakra energy. I help you find the best way to make decisions, create healthy relationships, attract abundance, and achieve harmony, peace and happiness in all areas of your life.

Clear the Energy of your Home or Office

90 minutes - 350$
Additional time is $175 per hour

Energetically, everything that happens in a building – thoughts, actions and emotions – is held there like microscopic dust imprinted on the walls, floor and furniture. Such energies can linger and disturb the balance of any home or office.

A House Clearing transforms
energies in your environment to make it safer, healthier, more abundant and happier for you, your family, your pets and your business.

*Total price depends on the size of your home/office and the severity of the issue.

Additional charge may apply for travel.