Sometimes we all need some encouragement in life, we rise, we fall, we get up and continue to rise! Through my journey so far I have seen many signs and clues, I am used to seeing it from my dreams. Sometimes i wake up, sit and think. It happens that i think for weeks to understand a scene. The woman found me once, i didn’t mind to join her page because i loved the way she writes. Once i was passing through a stage she offered me a helping hand. She was the one to tell me things that a stranger like her wouldn’t know, yet she felt more opposite of a stranger she is gifted in her own way. She is a woman, she is a mother, she is a medium who can empower and transform lives. I believe gifted people can do so. I was blown and carried away by information i received from her. Just thank you again for choosing me maybe its not even us but the higher powers worked towards the connection, however, some puzzles got solved in my head with your attention Deena Said.
Anastasia Ubeity
I am a natural skeptic. When I had my first healing session with Deena I did not expect anything at all. But I came out a believer. Deena has a gift. She is intuitive and empathetic. I was able to open up to her and the session left me with tremendous clarity. I will return to her to do more work.
Victoria C.
Your page spoke to me more than other healers in the area. I knew that you would be the one to help me. I’m completely thrilled with our session and know I am going in the right direction. I am so grateful I found you.
Betty Franc
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