Deena Said is a tarologist, medium, energy healer.

Unfortunately, in humans, the focus is on healing the body through the use of pill chemistry and a physical intervention known as surgery.
 Recently, diet, exercise, physical therapy, and psychotherapy have become popular as complementary remedies.
 However, this does not take into account one important aspect of the human body – its energy or electricity.
 Working with energy is fundamental to all my work.
 Using what is commonly known as “energy healing”, I help my clients break old habits and beliefs, become strong and fearless, heal events from this life and past lives, clear inherited karmic patterns, reconnect with the soul path, create healthy relationships.  with the world around you, attract abundance, achieve harmony, peace and happiness, and deal with everyday life with ease and grace.
  I am neither a licensed physician nor a licensed mental health professional, however, with a certain gift and knowledge, I help people heal what is overlooked in the modern world – the body’s energy system.
 During a one-on-one healing session, I am guided by my spirit guides and the guides of my clients about what the energy problem is and what to do about it.
I can work to release the traumatic energy of events from this life, past lives, or the lives of my client’s ancestors.
 Each of my card sessions involves balancing the chakras (the body’s energy computers), rebuilding the aura (also known as energy boundaries) and, if necessary, removing energy attachments.  A session can also include mediumship work where deceased relatives or friends are present to assist in the healing process.
  Each person is responsible for their own healing process and my job is to guide and provide the tools that will help each person walk a unique path.
  My students and clients love me for my sincerity, kindness, decency, sense of humor and unconventional ways of explaining often difficult subjects.
 Conversations with me can be in person or over the phone.
 I speak two languages ​​and my help can be provided both in Russian and in English.